How Marquis Dendy brought bucket hats to athletics

“It just started going crazy,” Dendy tells CNN Sport. “Everyone was like: ‘Oh, why is he wearing a bucket hat? Is he about to have a beach day?”

After Poland, Dendy jumped a season-best – and bucket-hat-best – of 8.31 meters in Monaco. Any future fashion decisions now seemed clear: with his performances improving and his new outfit a hit in stadiums and on social media – the hat would become a trademark feature of his race-day uniform.

“There was like a little army of guys who wanted to wear buckets, so I just kind of ran with that thing as well,” says Dendy. “So far I’ve had a great day every single time I’ve had it on.”

Bucket hats – a common accessory for musicians and models alike – are enjoying a renaissance in the fashion world and even appear to be a staple of Rihanna’s wardrobe.

But not many would have expected to see a man wearing one as he hurtles down a running track and launches himself into a sandpit.

Dendy, though, is hopeful that the hat could coincide with a successful chapter in his career.